When discussing extrusion, the choice of dosing technology takes priority and is crucial because it primarily determines the behaviour of the product in the machine and the final result of the extruded product.

As you know, the behaviour of thermoplastic mixtures varies according to the chemical-physical and sliding capacities of every material.

These characteristics must be carefully analysed so as to identify the most suitable dosing system upstream of an extrusion line. Many variables are involved and today I want to mention a few: the size, shape and density of the material, the compressibility, the strength of cohesion, the humidity and lastly, the behaviour of the compound in the various atmospheric and load conditions.

Various technological dosing options have been developed based on the above to address the multiple challenges that may arise from process operations involving plastic materials.

Therefore, we believe that the customer must know the difference between a gravimetric and volumetric dosing system and rely on our experience and expertise to make the best decision.

A volumetric system doses the material based on the space it occupies, namely its volume; a gravimetric system determines the quantity of material to be dosed by weight, using one or more integrated weighing cells to measure the incoming material.

But how do you choose the right dosing device for the transformation of your material?

Thanks to the versatility of Bausano extruders it is possible to equip every machine with ad hoc feeding systems.

This allows the layout of the line and its technical characteristics to be adapted to the mixture that is to be processed and to every specific production requirement.

Therefore: whatever your need may be, do not hesitate to ask me for advice. We will find the perfect solution for you together.