WITTMANN BATTENFELD at the Plastimagen with ultra-modern injection molding technology

At the Plastimagen in Mexico from November 7 to 10, 2023, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will present to visitors state-of-the-art injection molding machines, process technology, automation and auxiliary equipment based on interesting applications at its booth No. 714 in hall D.

Mexico is one of the WITTMANN Group’s major export markets. As the region’s largest plastics trade fair, the Plastimagen, is an important platform for WITTMANN to showcase its latest technologies jointly with its local subsidiary WITTMANN BATTENFELD México S.A. de C.V.

In the machinery sector, models from both the servo-hydraulic and all-electric series will be exhibited. All of these models stand out by their extremely high level of precision, repeatability and energy efficiency.

On an all-electric machine from the MicroPower series, a MicroPower 15/10 specially designed for high-precision injection molding of micro parts, a medical clip with a part weight of 0.003 g will be produced from POM supplied by Ticona using a 4-cavity mold from Microsystems, UK. The parts will be removed by a WITTMANN W8VS2 robot specially developed for highly dynamic, precise removal of micro parts, and subsequently passed on to a camera integrated in the production unit and the machine’s control system in order to check the parts quality. Next, the parts will be deposited in a storage module separately for each cavity.

The second all-electric machine at the WITTMANN BATTENFELD booth will be an EcoPower 110/750 with a WITTMANN W918 robot plus conveyance, dosing, drying and temperature control technology from WITTMANN.

A further exhibit to be presented by WITTMANN BATTENFELD at the Plastimagen will be a machine from its MacroPower series, a MacroPower 550/5100 with a WITTMANN WX143 robot and an extensive range of auxiliaries, all from WITTMANN.

Automation and auxiliary equipment

In addition to the fully equipped work cells, a wide range of robots and auxiliary appliances will also be shown at the Plastimagen.

In the area of temperature control technology, WITTMANN BATTENFELD México will showcase appliances from the Tempro basic C and the Tempro plus D series, as well as an ENR 030 air-cooled cooling device. The temperature controllers from the Tempro plus D series recommend themselves by their extremely easy operation and extensive standard equipment package.

Moreover, series 101 flow controllers will be presented, together with a Flowcon plus and a WFC120. By means of a fine adjustment valve and a wear-free flow measurement device, these appliances keep both the flow rate and the temperature reproducibly constant over the entire production period.

The range of WITTMANN dryers on display at the booth will include a Drymax primus dry air dryer, an Aton basic segmented wheel dryer, a Card 70 compressed air dryer and a Vacujet S. The dry air dryers from the Drymax series come equipped with two desiccant cartridges, thus delivering a continuous flow of process air and a constant level of drying air quality. The drying wheel of the Aton basic segmented wheel dryer consists of multiple chambers with a loose fill of desiccant granulate. This not only enables efficient use of energy, but also makes it possible to exchange the desiccant at low cost, without having to invest in a complete new segmented wheel every time.

The materials handling sector will be represented by a JIT loader, a Feedmax basic, a Feedmax plus and a Feedmax S3 net. The Feedmax basic und Feedmax plus models are suitable for transporting small to medium-sized quantities of material. The stand-alone Feedmax S3 net loader is the optimal conveyor for flexible feeding of small material quantities up to 80 kg/h in continuous operation.

Dosing technology will be covered by the gravimetric appliances Gravimax 34 and Gravimax primus 14, as well as the volumetric blender model Dosimax MC Balance. The gravimetric blenders from WITTMANN are easy to operate and stand out by their high-precision material valves as well as their removable stainless steel hopper with a corner view window, a removable weighing container and a highly efficient spiral mixer. A C20 dust extractor will be shown in addition to the dosing appliances.

From the extensive portfolio of WITTMANN granulators, a screenless S-Max 2 plus granulator and a G-Max 33 granulator will be exhibited at the Plastimagen. The S-Max models are slow-running granulators for inline recycling of sprue from hard and brittle engineering plastics. G-Max grinders are compact beside-the-press granulators designed for grinding soft to medium-hard engineering plastics.

In the area of centralized material supply, WITTMANN BATTENFELD México will demonstrate the M7 network control system at its booth 714 in hall D. This system comes with an LS-B30T line server, a GM blower and filtering station, as well as a – RFID-controlled Codemax coupling station. The range of equipment will be completed by a Drymax 300 battery dryer and a Silmax 600 drying hopper, equipped with an automatic, motor-driven SmartFlow air control valve as standard.

Fig. 1: Medical clip – produced with a mold from Microsystems UK
Fig. 2: SmartPower 120/350 LSR
Fig. 3: WITTMANN robot WX143
Fig. 4: Gripper of WX143
Fig. 5: Tempro plus D temperature controller
Fig. 6: Feedmax S3 net conveyor
Fig. 7: Screenless granulator S-Max 2


The WITTMANN Group is a globally leading manufacturer of injection molding machines, robots and auxiliary equipment for processing a great variety of plasticizable materials – both plastic and non-plastic. The group of companies has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria and consists of two main divisions: WITTMANN BATTENFELD and WITTMANN. Following the principles of environmental protection, conservation of resources and circular economy, the WITTMANN Group engages in state-of-the-art process technology for maximum energy efficiency in injection molding, and in processing standard materials and materials with a high content of recyclates and renewable raw materials. The products of the WITTMANN Group are designed for horizontal and vertical integration into a Smart Factory and can be interlinked to form an intelligent production cell.

The companies of the group jointly operate ten production plants in six countries, and the additional sales companies at their 36 different locations are present in all major industrial markets around the world.

WITTMANN BATTENFELD pursues the continued strengthening of its market position as a manufacturer of injection molding machines and supplier of comprehensive modern machine technology in modular design. The product range of WITTMANN includes robots and automation systems, material handling systems, dryers, gravimetric and volumetric blenders, granulators, temperature controllers and chillers. The combination of the individual areas under the umbrella of the WITTMANN Group enables perfect integration – to the advantage of injection molding processors with an increasing demand for seamless interlocking of processing machines, automation and auxiliaries.



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