An innovative line for the production of IV bags with integrated filling

Thanks to the IV Express, welding-technology specialist Kiefel meets the needs of the market to perfection. The compact, stainless-steel design reduces the area required for set-up, while ensuring maximum output rates with minimal occupation of floor space. The system permits the flexible production of different sizes of IV (intravenous) bag, in 2x, 4x and 6x configuration, along with multi-chamber bags with peel-open seal. Maximum productivity can be achieved with a minimum of retooling, as the system works in short production cycles with high processing reliability.

The filling unit is integrated into the system. Highly-precise dosing technology ensures accurate filling. Oxygen or other gases can be supplied. Monitoring and testing units can be used in accordance with the corresponding application.

Whether you are looking for thermo-contact or radio-frequency welding, flat or tubular film material, KIEFEL can provide manufacturing solutions for infusion bags that fulfil the highest performance specifications.

KIEFEL at MEDTEC Europe 2012, Stuttgart at booth number 4366